The History of Fashion and Its Role in Society


The word “fashion” has many definitions, including Style, Personal adornment, Temporal nature, and cultural influence. This article explores the history of fashion and its role in society. For further reading, check out our other articles: Style, Personal adornment, and Cultural Influence. All three have a significant role in fashion and the way we look. If you have any questions about fashion, please leave a comment below!


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Personal adornment

Personal adornment is a universal human pursuit that transcends cultures and time. It is practiced by individuals across all societies to create an identity, which may be based on social position, sex, ethnicity, or religion. Clothing and accessories are also ways to express unique cultural components. In addition to being an important expression of individuality, personal adornment is also important to identify the wearer across classes and cultures.

Temporal nature of fashion

The Temporal nature of fashion is an important consideration when designing products and services. According to fashion scholar Susan B. Kaiser, we are forced to present ourselves before others. How we dress, its colors and materials, and its silhouette affect how others evaluate us. Even the same garment can look different on different bodies, depending on the shape and condition of our faces. In addition, our clothing choices affect the way we live, and thus, we should be conscious of this fact when creating products and services.

Influence of culture on fashion

The influences of culture on fashion are not isolated to the clothes, but are deeply interconnected to all aspects of our lives. As global economic growth continues, so does the diversity of cultural influences. When fashion is interpreted respectfully, global cultures can enrich one another and bring genuine benefits to society. But how do we determine if a culture is truly influencing fashion? Here are some examples of culture-related influences on fashion. Listed below are some of the most prominent ones.

Impact on social life

The fashion industry is responsible for massive ecological and social damage. It uses multiple pesticides and depletes soil fertility. It also affects the health of farm workers. Every week, millions of garments arrive at the Kantamanto Market in Lagos, Nigeria, a sprawling garment dump. In addition to this, fashion has a waste crisis, which is fueled by waste colonialism and secondhand trade.