What Is News?


This article will discuss what constitutes “News.” It is reported news that impacts the lives of people. For instance, it could include stories about money, scandal, or violence. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this article only focuses on news stories that have some impact on our daily lives. Rather than presenting the details of such stories, we will look at how they are interpreted by the general public. To begin, let us define what we mean by “News” and how we can define it.

Reports of events that have a strong impact on people

Identify your target audience. Different stakeholders will want different information, and define success differently. While you won’t include all of your target audience’s information in the report, including them is important because it will help you define your post-event meetings and reporting. You want to make the event relevant to each of your stakeholder groups. When writing a report, be as clear as possible about why the event was successful.

Stories that involve violence

Stories that involve violence in the news should be accurate and inclusive. Stories about sexual violence should highlight the types of the violence and the perpetrators. In addition, the stories should feature the victims as well as the prevention methods, as these can be beneficial for the community. Reporters should avoid making inflammatory comments. Using the right words in your reporting will help your audience understand the stories you’re reporting. Read on to discover more tips and ideas for covering sexual violence in the news.

Stories that involve scandal

TV shows that feature scandals are often quite interesting. A Netflix series called Anatomy of a Scandal follows a rising politician, James Whitehouse, as he has an affair with his secretary and a former employee accuses him of sexual assault. The story stretches from the Whitehouse marriage to the scandalous accusations of the former employee, and threatens to destroy both. Based on a book by Sarah Vaughn, this show feels remarkably close to the real thing.

Stories that involve money

When you read the news, you are likely to encounter some stories that involve money. In addition to the usual stories you hear about the economic crisis and the financial meltdown, you’ll also probably encounter some personal stories. For example, Chris came to the bank with his father each week, wanting to buy candy. He sees this as a teaching moment. And if you’ve read stories about the financial crises, you’re likely to be concerned about how these stories affect the lives of people around you.

Stories that involve celebrities

There are many different types of stories involving celebrities. Some of these stories were unexpected, while others were entirely improbable. Some stories involve celebrities who happen to stumble into the spotlight by accident. For example, Pamela Anderson’s accidental fame began when her image was projected on a stadium screen at a British Columbia Lions football game. Later, she signed a contract with Labatt’s beer. Meanwhile, Lana Turner became famous accidentally when she was discovered in a soda fountain by Hollywood Reporter publisher Billy Wilkerson.

Stories that involve normal events

If you’re looking for topics to cover for your Next to Normal Story Slam, there are a few different ideas you can try. The event will be held at the McLean County Arts Center in Bloomington, IL and you’ll have to choose one that interests you, pre-report the story angles you have identified, and attend the event to write your story within two hours. Ensure you get pre-approval for the event by emailing WGLT and describing the event. Then, write a generic story template using the story ideas you’ve come up with.